A few users have reported issues with their account failing to connect to MyWaifuList, greeted with this error:

If you have having that issue, try the steps below!

Make sure you used the link on MyWaifuList

The first step is to obviously use the link that is on your dashboard with MyWaifuList. It will look something like this:


This is how we set the cookies needed to find the account on MyWaifuList. Think of this token as your personal access token: it’s your ID and key to make sure we can find the account. With this in the URL, WaifuChan will attempt to find the account. After doing this once, you don’t need to use that special URL again unless you clear your cookies.

Addons Causing Issues

We’ve noticed some addons are causing issues for some users. Open up the developer console when the page loads by right clicking -> inspect anywhere on the page, and select the Console Tab. You should see no red errors in here. If any come up, please make sure to check if you have any extensions open that may inject code into the page. To check extensions enabled in Chrome, copy paste the following into the address bar and press enter.


We recommend disabling them until you find the one causing issues.

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