Announcing MyWaifuList News & More

Hey Everyone!

The update for the UI overhaul went out, which includes a new waifu approval panel. We’re going to be going through them a lot faster now, thank you for your patience. If you are a Patreon donor, I literally did yours just now.

New Approval Panel

UI Framework Upgraded

Holy shit I’m tired.

Submissions Area

Long overdue – but you can now see all your pending submissions under account -> manage.

Visual Bugs

I am a one-man wolfpack after all – so some stuff slips through the cracks. If you find anything amiss – head on over to discord and drop it into the #support_feedback channel. Thank You! <3

MyWaifuList News

I am super excited to announce the MyWaifuList News website. You can already find some news articles on the dashboard (written by yours truly). Moving forward, expect a lot of hilarious content as well as actual news. Additionally, we are in the process of moving most of our rules, guidelines, and other information over to pages on the new website.

We’d really appreciate it if you stopped by sometime!

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