This weekly blog post will briefly cover new power users, our currently ongoing Senran Kagura Character War, and the first public mention of a secret, upcoming MyWaifuList project.

New Power Users

We have finally brought on the first wave of new Power Users to help us out with the website! If you have long-standing characters that are still pending approval, we should be getting through them at a much quicker pace than we were before, so look forward to that. Once we get caught up on the submissions, we will finally be able to expand into data cleanup which will consist of adding more character information and series entries.

Interested in becoming a future Power User? We plan to leave applications open indefinitely, so feel free to apply. You can find the form linked here. If you have any questions, please reach out on Discord!

Senran Kagura Character War

Our Senran Kagura Character War is currently ongoing, make sure to vote for your favorite character from the series before it ends tomorrow, December 5th, at 23:59PM UTC. We plan to have ongoing wars throughout the rest of the month until our Seasonal War starts on December 25th.

Secret Project

This is the first mention of it but something big may be coming to MyWaifuList soon…
Keep your eyes open for it.

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