MyWaifuList is now officially four years old.

Another year has come and gone here at MyWaifuList, having just celebrated our fourth anniversary on June 25, 2020. The site is now better and more active than ever, so let’s go over some of the things that happened this past year!

July 2019 Update

  • Husbandos became browse-able separately from Waifus
  • The Browse Series page was updated to show our Currently Airing slider, as well as now displaying the most popular airing series in the sidebar based on the number of watchers.
  • Comment flair was added for some users

August 2019 Update

  • Patreon/MWL account connectivity was added
  • Users became able to follow other users’ profiles as well as view who follows them
  • Lists became sort-able by name (A-Z, Z-A)
  • Profile avatar and banners received visual updates

November 2019 Changes

Early 2020 Improvements

Earlier this year we manged to completely clear out our backlog of pending character submissions and user reports, as well as drastically reduce the time-frame in which character submissions remained pending!

Thanks to the awesome donors on our Patreon, along with everyone’s support, we also managed to reach the break-even point on March 25, 2020— This meant that the website server and other management costs were completely covered and no longer had to be paid out-of-pocket!

Weebwartz Release

  • MyWaifuList released it’s first original visual novel to the public in April 2020— titled Weebwartz: Wizarding World of Waifus

June 2020 Update

  • Custom user lists were added to user profiles, allowing anyone to create custom lists containing any characters of their choice!
  • We finally took our first step towards improved image galleries with the addition of NSFW image reporting. Doing so will make images hidden until clicked while our Moderators determine if the image breaks guidelines.

The site continues to grow.

Arguably just as cool as shiny new features and updates, is the fact that the MyWaifuList community is growing at a breakneck pace. While the site was originally created in 2016, we hadn’t gained any traction at all until a spontaneous surge of traffic from r/anime in early 2016 that brought hundreds of thousands of users flooding to check us out.

It wasn’t until this June that we officially topped the traffic numbers we saw that month years ago, though this time it is organic, consistent traffic— the numbers just keep growing! Believe it or not, we are already approaching last year’s total traffic, and it’s only the month of July! We now have more than 40,000 registered users, 4,000 series, 25,000 characters, and a cumulative gallery totaling 140,000 images!

The bottom line here is this: we wouldn’t be here without all of our amazing users. Those who visit the site on a daily basis, those who submit new characters and report inaccurate information on old ones, those of you who use chat with us in the Discord server or follow us on our social media platforms. You are all awesome!

We have every intention of continuing to improve MyWaifuList, and with your contributions, have no doubt that the website and our community will continue to grow and thrive in the coming years. We hope that you will continue to support us!

—The MyWaifuList Staff Team

If you would like to support the development of MyWaifuList, you can do so through our Patreon.

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