Below are all the achievements you can unlock currently for MyWaifuList

Wizarding World Of Waifus Achievements

Weebwartz Student: Start Playing
Start Akane Route
Start Harumi Route
Start Nao Route
Start Touka Route
Akane Lover: Finish Akane Route
Nao Lover: Finish Nao Route
Touka Lover: Finish Touka Route
Harumi Lover: Finish Harumi Route
Assman: Check out Harumi
Master Of Disguise: Fool the main villain
Neko: Turn into a cat
Potion Seller: Remember the potion brewing recipe
The Negotiator: Negotiate with the main villain

MyWaifuList Achievements

Waifu Supplier: Submit a Waifu
Waifu Claimer: Claim a Waifu
Waifu Trasher: Trash a Waifu
Forever Alone: Love a waifu
Heart Breaker: Abandon an loved Waifu
Active Voter: Vote in a Waifu War

Bug Reporter: Manual Achievement


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