The Prison Of Weebzskaban

Greetings Weebs, it is I, Gandaldor of Weebwartz

It is with great joy that we announce we have banished 25 users accounting for more than 800 fake accounts. These users have been sentenced to 10 years of Baka Mitai at the Weebzsakaban prison.

Their votes have been cast into the Weeblet of Fire, never to be seen again.

Let it be known that we will continue to implement stricter policies to ensure that all Waifus are treated equal and that each vote represents a single, living Weeb.

The Dark Weaboo Arts

Vote manipulation for personal gain is one of the lowest and easiest spells available to those of the Dark Weaboo Arts. As we covered in class at Weebwartz, we teach defense against these dark arts. If you notice someone suspicious or notice any suspicious voting patterns please report them to the nearest professor immediately via our discord.


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