Aniplex’s newest offering is the FGO: Babylonia Box

Aniplex has recently announced the Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia Blu-ray Box on their website in PDF form. The listing is $ 69.99 for the box itself which would be housing the Blu-ray release of all 12 episodes of FGO if you could afford it.

Aniplex plans to release the actual episodes on blu-ray at a later date for $ 99.99, which includes the bonus Textless Openings & Endings, promotional material, and a few postcards which no one will use. The actual blu-ray disc case will be a plastic clamshell which slides into a preset area in the aforementioned box.

The actual shipping box for both can easily be broken down and placed into the garbage, allowing customers to forget they spent 3x-4x as much money for a 12-episode box set than their competitors.

Tanjirou disgusted face meme - Kimetsu no yaiba Photo (43062429) - Fanpop
Staring at your bank account after an Aniplex USA release

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