BREAKING: Fubuki Shirakami Becomes “Waifu” One Day Only


Fubuki Announces “Waifu” is ok for one day only

One a recent live stream, Virtual Youtuber Fubuki Shirakami has stated that it is OK for you to call her Waifu for one day only. That day is TODAY in Japan time, but tomorrow for US weebs. We expect an overseas grace period, meaning that it should be 大丈夫 for westerners tomorrow (December 22nd, 2020).

The announcement is due to the fact she will be featured in the Beyond the Stage Concert for Hololive.

Credit to /u/RakuenPrime on reddit

Announcement Video

Hololive 2nd fes. Beyond the Stage Supported By Bushiroad

The announcement comes as the Hololive Festival is happening. Want to catch the Festival? Pick up a ticket here! It’ll cost you 6,000円, or about 60 USD.

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