Bugfixes & Smol Changes

  • Seeing a DIO page will now give you a feedback popup
  • fixed issue submitting waifus where age was set to a range even though it says integer value only
  • fixed emojis in comments throwing a DIO
  • fixed issue with bans being missing and throwing DIO’s on banned user profile pages instead of showing the banned message.
  • Fixed style issue with BAN message displayed on user profiles & on admin side
  • Fixed an issue with API not responding with the right exceptions
  • Fixed an issue with double attempted deletions of comments puking up exceptions
  • Fixed an issue with linking patreon accounts

Regarding Patreon

Their API is still horrible so please allow a few hours for me to update accounts when you become a patron. I apologize and I’m currently hooking up Zapier to help me with this process <3

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