Email Address Verification Now Required, Other Updates


Email Address Requirements

Hello Weebs,

To combat vote manipulation on our glorious Waifus and level the playing field, email verification is now required for the following activities:

  • Liking Waifus
  • Trashing Waifus
  • Declaring True Love
  • Voting in Wars

If your account was registered before 2020-12-31 you will not be required to do this. If your signing in via twitter, you of course are not required to do this as you do not have an email on file with us.

This email may end up in spam for new users as we have literally zero domain reputation and are sending from amazon SES rather than a distinguished transaction service such as Postmark (because we poor as fuck). So check your spam and promotional inbox!

Merchandise Listings Updated

I’ve updated the listings from Rightstuf as well as swapped out a few links in the sidebar of the website. The merch tab will now show images on the left side vertically rather than horizontally.

I’ve also added an ad between the waifu comments, gallery, etc. If you don’t want to see it, you can subscribe via patreon or use a browser such as Brave to hide it. I’ve also swapped out the sidebar ad to sezzle (which is actually pretty neat!)

Again, if you use these links, we get some income to help the website out.

If you know any company that currently buying adspace (companies offering stickers, waifu merchandise, or anything else anime related) that would like to purchase some space, please send them our way (they can email

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