Dearest Weebs,

We’re going to hold an official war redo for our Fall 2020 War due to extensive vote manipulation from certain users who wished their Waifu to win.

Due to some circumstances, waifu war of Fall 2020 will be relaunched along with the previous one deleted. It seems a user enjoyed creating hundreds of accounts to manipulate votes therefore to treat things fairly, the war has been reset & user flow will be checked during war. Don’t waste your time and play fair. – Crizy

I understand how everyone wants their best girl to win, but cheating is not the way to do it.

What would your waifu think of you?


That you cheated to let her win prom queen?

That’s right. She’s disappointed. And so are we.

The war will be relaunched and we’ll be tallying votes by hand. In the mean time, the banned user accounts of our vote manipulator(s) will be getting baka mitai’d.


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