Funimation may finally get a proper web player, native applications

Funimation recently announced that it has purchased Crunchyroll, officially paving the way to an actual video player and native applications that run slightly better than dogshit.

Funimation, purchased by Sony in 2017, has now taken another step to market dominance by buying Crunchyroll for a reported $1,175 Billion USD.

“We’re basically fucked” an insider at Sentai Filmworks commented, “but as long as Crunchyroll keeps banning 2d anime tiddies and funimation won’t show content like Interspecies Reviewer, we have a chance. We may look at partnering with Fakku in the future.”

While it will be interesting to see what happens next, we’ve prepared a table to help you get an idea about what companies are best at what. What do you think we can expect going into 2021?

MyWaifuList Company Breakdowns

CrunchyrollQuestionable streaming quality, appears to cut corners a lot. Spends your money on Crunchyroll Original shows that literally no one asked for. Rumored to underpay translators so they could afford a new 日本 office (it looks dope)
FunimationBanned Interspecies Reviewer, tech stack is garbage. Better on production side of things (Voice acting, localization)
NetflixExperience everyone else who pirated it talk about it 12 weeks before you get to even see it.
AniplexYour receipt will look like a hospital invoice for a broken toe in the United States.
Sentai FilmworksThe only company brave enough to license Prisma Illya.
FakkuWe love them, buy their subscription. Everyone is over the age of 18 we promise.
HidiveWe forgot they existed and you probably did too.

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