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Hello everyone! If you are interested in joining the MyWaifuList team as a power user (and potentially a user with higher privileges in the future) please apply using the application below!

Applications now closed. Thanks All!


      • Hey, I have one question for you ReaverCelty, I emailed you guys using on 03/02/21, still no response. Is it possible to suggest the genre search feature, basically, if I want to find an anime with the genre of herem, I can filter it to a list of all animes with that category, and another thing is that I also wish to volunteer as a user to help fix some of the Series, Games, Mangas, and Hentai that don’t have a Synopsis, so in general, can I work to make the pages better for free? I would gladly work to make the site better for free because I have nothing but free time after school, and I want something to do, the best thing I want to do is help MWL evolve and eventually pass MAL.

      • I’m also taking Cyber Security, so once I Graduate, I can help find glitches, hackers, and bugs. This also comes in handy because I can help write the code for the site. Feel free to get back to me by replying here or via email (I don’t want to post it here so I will give you my profile code, which is 70446, or for one-click: hope you get back to me!

  1. I wonder if there will ever be any more Power User applications… I’m honestly wanting to be a PU, but I can wait if needed. This and I would love being able to fix series info myself (I’m unsure if PUs can) rather than bothering outer PUs, Mods, or Admins

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