Otaku’s Protest $600 Stimulus, Demand Additional $21


Otaku’s Protest New 900 Billion US Stimulus Bill

Late Sunday, December 20th, 2020 the US House & Senate reached an agreement on a new round of stimulus for the US which includes $600.00 of direct payments to many Americans.

We’ve joined in protest and officially signed on to the movement which has been called the TACTICAL RESTORATION of ANIME PURCHASES. The tactical restoration of anime purchases calls for the immediate addition of at least $21.00 USD, which will cover the costs needed to purchase an Albedo Bikini Statue from Overlord (affiliate link) which currently retails for $620.99.

We Demand More

While we have signed on to the T.R.A.P movement, we’ve seen others spring up such as the Economic Supercharging Initiative via Massive Purchases E-SIMP for short. They have called for a minimum of $2,000 USD to cover the expenses to cover at least a harems worth of anime figurines from Japan.

Unexpected Support

Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, released an unexpected statement of support for additional stimulus citing the needs of Otaku everywhere. “The millionaires, billionaires, greedy corporations get tax breaks but what do our working class families get? A mere $600? The American People deserve better. They deserve to have a roof over their head and a dakimakura in their bed. They deserve to have quality dubs and subs, with access to quality internet to stream them.he released in a public statement.

What do you think?

Is it enough? Should we get more? Will this save anime? Let us know in the comments below!


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