Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Season 2 Sparks Outrage


Artists asked to stop horsing around

With the upcoming release of season 2 of Umamusume: Pretty Derby (ウマ娘 プリティーダービー) producers and licensors have once again asked fans to stop creating lewds of their favorite horse girls, similar to what happened a few years ago when Umasume first released in 2018.

Umamusume Season 2 Promotional Art from

The notice asks that “people avoid representations that fans of the original racehorses, the horses’ owners, or other related parties may find “unpleasant.” according to ANN.

If No Want Lewd, Why Cute?

“I didn’t used to be this way” commented DerbyDaddy69. “I used to just watch cute anime and now look at me. (he motions to the room, which is a hotel room) – I’m about to go on a tour of a US battleship all because of my Waifu. If it’s a thing and it’s made into a Waifu I’m probably going to end up interested in the original thing.” He shrugs before adding “If lewding horse girls is wrong then I’m the victim here. They should have made them real horses.”

New Smartphone Game

With the launch of season 2, the smartphone game (which I definitely signed up for when it was announced 2 years ago) is finally being released on Feb. 24th, 2021.

Animal Rights Activists Chime In

PETA has consistently stated that horse racing is unethical. “Every week, an average of 24 horses experience fatal breakdowns at racetracks across the country. How would you feel if your Waifu had a breakdown at the track?” one anonymous PETA supporter stated. While we could not verify the claims made, we will link to the PETA website here for anyone who wishes to view such disturbing information.

Current MyWaifuList Top 3 Standings

So, who are the top horse girls as of today, before the season 2 premier?

  1. Special Week (94 Votes)

2. Silence Suzuka (69 Votes)

3. El Condor Pasa (45 Votes)

Will we see Special Week dethroned in season 2 of Uma Musume? What do you think?

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