Goodbye 2020

With 2020 coming to a close, we’re launching our 2020 Best Waifu War.

The top 6 Waifus of each 2020 seasons have entered the ring and now IT’S TIME TO FIGHT. Our dear mascot Waifu-chan will be joining in as she too made her first appearance in the not so great year that 2020 has been.

There has also been a surprise leak from SPACE X:

According to the World’s Eastern Entertainment Business (WEEB), Jeff Bezos owner of space company Blue Origin & Elon Musk owner of Space X have collaborated and invested $69B to build a 1km high statue of the winner of 2020 Waifu War AND SEND IT TO SPACE.

A twitter leak from an anonymous source claims that Elon & Jeff plan to use Waifus as bait to catch aliens. No announcement have been officially made yet by them, however , we found a tweet on Elon’s account stating “If we can’t reach them, have them come to us”. And, finally, a tweet from December 29th, 2020 stating:

Clearly this reaffirms his intent to catch Aliens in 2021. We fully believe that, much like the human race, the more advanced a species is the more they appreciate thicc anime thighs.

See you on the War Zone!


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