One year later: still operating at a loss



While we made a lot of improvements last year on the website, we still are operating at a net loss for the main website unfortunately.

Approximate Total CostApproximate Total Funds
1200 USD970 USD \ 760 USD post tax

In 2020 from Patreon we raised approximate 970 USD which, after taxes, probably will be around 760 USD as most states count Patreon income as taxable income.

While the typical goal of websites is usually to make money I didn’t really consider this site worthy of “money maker” status. In fact, I didn’t expect this website to do well at all. To my surprise it’s been very popular!

In December 2020 we racked up 944,000 pageviews and we’re positioned to break 1 million pageviews in January 2021 if this keeps up. This is about 1/150th of the traffic larger websites like MAL get, but I consider it to be a great accomplishment.


We got rejected from adwords awhile ago because apparently google considers Waifus to be “sexual in nature”.

Anyway, Patreon and that’s been doing really well. Most of the bills are taken care of thanks to our largest supporters. Thank you everyone! ありがとう!

Affiliate Ads

Right now there is only one affiliate program that let us in and that was Rightstuf (non affiliate link). We were rejected from all the others applied (lol) to and websites contacted personally (AmiAmi, etc) never replied.

The best bet was to put their ads in places where users may see them which definitely worked click-wise. Buuuuuut….

The last sale was 17 days ago.

I’d be on my knees giving Rightstuf some premium Rightsucc right now if the total gains were anywhere near a months operational costs but i have faith. All hail Rightstuf Anime <3

2021 Plans

You little shits are going to start seeing full page ad- just kidding. The plan right now is:

  • New comment engine (see patreon post)
  • Cleaning up some backend clutter
  • Mobile Application
  • Find revenue sources

I’ll be clear: I want the first thing people to see when they google a Waifu is this dumbass website. If we can do that, we can do anything. But if you know someone with deep pockets, send em our way!


  1. Around November last year, I was thinking about taking up coding, notably webdev, being curious about webscrapping.
    The first thing I had in mind was literally this website. That’s how much of a chance you’ve got! Good luck, and I too think this website DESERVES to be the first Waifu indexed result on Google.
    Rather than doing stuff by my side, I think it would be amazing to make something better that is already established.
    Well, hope this message of support will reach your heart. Now, go back to the waifu hunt.

  2. I love this site, I found it by coincidence, by going through all sites ending with .moe and I finally found this gem of a website!

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