Better Comments For A Better Future

Hello all, today several updates have gone out:

  1. New Supporter display on dashboard (old one was getting too large!)
  2. New Wizarding World of Waifus sidebar image
  3. New Site Notices area for ongoing concerns
  4. Slightly changed achievement view on profile page
  5. Fixed toggles for dark theme light theme

Updated Comment System

The new comment system looks nicer, has trash & heart icons to act as an upvote, downvote system. You can reply to people directly as well. Patreon supporters can attach images directly inside the comments area too.

Patreon users will also gain badges when commenting, and user roles are displayed both on comments and in the “ongoing discussions” area.

There may be a few bugs, so please report them on discord if you find any.

New Achievements

I’ve introduced two new achievements titled Loyal Follower & Loyal Subscriber for users who click to follow us (me) on YouTube & Twitter.

I added this because I am an attention whore.

Upcoming Features

The next big update cycle will be refactoring (sexy, I know). Try not to leave a snail trail behind you 🙂


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