Hello Everyone!

The following updates have shipped and are now ready for your viewing pleasure.

  • Fixed issue with uploading replacement images on your profiles true love (patreon only)
  • Patreon users can add up to 70 waifus to a list
  • Patreon users can now make up to 20 lists
  • Non Patreon users can now add up to 40 waifus to a ┬álist
  • Non Patreon users can now make up to 10 lists
  • Theme toggle is now a simple moon icon because, although toggles are nice, the markup looked like shit
  • Experimental fix for comment loading that should solve the large inactivity gaps requiring you to keep clicking “load more” to see comments. It’s not perfect yet though. Still working on it!
  • Updated affiliate ad images for non Patreon users
  • News area, season widget will now not cause such extreme content layout shifts while loading
  • Added a donations page to the news site
  • Users can now configure a bio under their account page (up to 250 chars)
  • Patreon Users: You can now see a new popover affect on the dashboard that contains your name and bio, with an animated clear-> slight gaussian blur BG of your banner on hover

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  1. Does the page have privacy settings?
    Like, set the lists, liked and trashed waifus to Private/Friends Only just like on MyAnimelist?

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