Despite the fact we don’t allow NSFW content, we do have a NSFW flag to protect people in public from seeing spicy pictures that are borderline. However there are some users who upload problematic content such as pictures of trash cans, shrek, obscene art, etc.

Today, I’ve rolled out a new point system for users. When browsing a waifus gallery, if you see anything that falls into our “definitely a no” category as outlined in our TOS, you can now hit “report image” and select a topic:

When a moderator takes corrective action on images in our backend dashboard, you’ll receive a Community Point which will be displayed on your user profile. What do these do? Well, still figuring that part out!

But the important part is helping us moderate content on the website. So thank you in advance!

Support for community points in other areas such as reporting waifus missing stats will come later, too!

Thanks All!


  1. Any intent on adding a feature to the report for images that have multiple copies uploaded to a gallery?
    Ability to delete images you uploaded that you no longer believe are of high enough quality to be on the site?
    Adding a feature that reports images for being particularly bad representations of a a character(off model)?

    Also if an image is official art and is of good quality, but still is less clothed should it be removed?

    General Example…A lot of manga covers for Ecchi series have official art of female characters on the front in various levels of undress.

    Another Example…Sana Sunomiya of don’t bully me nagatoro creates two art pieces depicting herself in a what most would call a tasteful nude, but it’s pointed out in the show that it’s inappropriate to have the second(arguably less exposed) photo hung up in a school.

    • Ah should point out in the Another Example I give the character did not have private parts exposed. I feel that goes without saying it should be avoided.

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