The “add attribution” button in the top left of images can now be used. These recommendations will go to a panel for power users (fully independent, trusted users) to review and moderate.

Making Attribution Recommendations

Under the gallery, locate the button that looks like a folder with a plus sign and enter the following details:

Artist Name: Use the alias of the artist or display name. Don’t add their real name unless they publicly post under such a name.

URL: Use the URL of their Patreon, Twitter, Pixiv, or Artstation profile. Not the work or tweet of the work, but the artists profile.

Work URL: Direct link to the work in question

If the user cites “no reposts”, report the image instead.

Official Art

Just put the word “official” in the artists name field.

Tutorial: Locating The Artist \ Source

For finding the official links we recommend using SauceNao or a similar image searching service. SauceNao can help find out the twitter and pixiv for artists which is particularly helpful.

  1. Copy the thumbnail URL by right clicking -> copy image address in the gallery area.
  2. Paste the URL into SauceNao, it should be something like https://thicc.mywaifulist.moe
  3. Find the source and open the artist by clicking their member: [name] link
  4. Paste their current alias \ profile name and the profile URL into MyWaifuList

Appearance on MyWaifuList

Once the recommendation is accepted the attribution button will disappear and, when opening the image, the artist and artist profile (website) will appear under the image as a caption. The link will open the artists site in a new tab.


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