Hewwo everyone,

The old layouts looked like dogshit so I updated the card layout to be slightly less dogshit.

The new layout features the site wide rankings as well as the like and trash buttons, with adjustment for larger numbers now that we’ve broken the 70,000 weebs barrier. Additionally, you can hit “show more” now and see up to 100 for the site toplists (except vtubers).

Also, the theme toggle is now in the top left on mobile.

I’ll be working on a way to do this at scale in the coming weeks so we can get rankings in some sort of infinite scrolly type of thingy.

Site Statistics

Here are some site statistics for you all!

  • 74,000 Weebs
  • 4,800 Series
  • 33,400 Waifus
  • 174,000 Images

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