Vladimir Putin has declined to send his men definitely not gay tourists to bust the kneecaps ask whoever keeps signing up random fucking emails to our website to point out where MyWaifuList won the first spam war on google maps.

As a result, email service is temporarily unavailable due to high spam rates from users smashing that *spam* button because they have no fucking idea who or what MyWaifuList is, and how the got signed up.

While I’d love if university professors actually signed up to use our service, I have a feeling that the US Department Of Education does not have it’s staff stationed in Moscow.

You may see a cloudflare captcha AND an actual captcha during registration from now on. And to the spammer I hope your winter is deprived of vodka, bread, and cheeki breeki. Please stop making more work for me; If I wanted to clean up shit I’d be at the Vatican OK? So behave yourself while I convince Amazon to bring our email service back online.


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