MyWaifuList Is GUILTY!

Apparently we’re super, super guilty of some very, very bad practices!

After receiving many emails from Google alerts for the “Hentaihaven” query, I am deeply concerned. Anime Porn is my copyright brand name and I own all the rights to use it. These websites use my brandname to sell faked products without my consent, with cloaking black hat techniques, which represents a significative risk for all of my potential customers.

Link in question:

Cloaking Black Hat Techniques!

Holy fucking shit, they found us me out! Our Black Hat Techniques of offering a non-cancerous wiki for Waifu Information. Our black hat techniques of allowing users to manage lists of their loved Waifus and trashed Waifus! Our BLACK HAT TECHNIQUES OF ALLOWING USERS TO COMMENT ON WAIFUS?

Selling Fake Products!

We’re fucking broke but it’s winter which means I can save on power bills because the server is located in my mom’s basement. Nice and toasty.

Imagine thinking we make money.

Under Fire, Again!

I really dislike getting pointless DMCA’s every other week from people grouping us together with random piracy and porn websites. Likewise, we don’t sell anything and DMCA’ing us will definitely make you have less customers.

Didn’t Fakku buy this shit?

Maybe I missed the memo somewhere but I recall Fakku buying out HentaiHaven and unraveling a 7-figure ring of illegitimate money-making before huge players with lots of money in Hentai (not Queen Bee, obviously) come perform some ugly bastard skit on the server owner. But I really am not sure what ever happened to them in the end. Oh well.

Happy No Nut November, Everyone!

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