So last Friday I woke up feeling really good. My wife had caught COVID from her trip and was down, but it was three days in and I just had an itchy throat but felt pretty decent. Better than last time, that’s for sure. So, I said fuck it: lets just do the update today.

The last time I got covid there was a noticeable ramp up. It was tired, then sickly, then full blown sick. This one was pretty light until it unveiled its giant throbbing NTR sized ugly bastard dick.

I settled in and shipped the update, with plans to spend Saturday and Sunday patching and fixing minor things.

Then I woke up Saturday morning & felt decent. I got up, showered, walked the dog. As I was walking my bag of potatoes up the stairs (the dog is the consistency of a bag of potatoes because he is a fat, disabled chihuahua), I realized how much my legs hurt. That’s odd… 

Within the hour I was down. 

For the next several days (until late Wednesday) I was running a fever moving between 101-103 degrees. Peaking at 104 before my wife stole my blanket and made me cool down.

Swallowing until this afternoon felt like swallowing glass.

My taste & smell are all but gone.

Thursday until now I have been crawling to the computer to ship minor updates when I have the energy and strength. I still have random, sporadic periods of hot flashes (but my temperature is only 99, wtf?) but I am for the most part stable. Oxygen levels look ok.

I don’t know who said this was like a cold but they can eat my ass. This shit sucks.

Stay tuned for more updates & thanks for the support.

PS: Please report missing stuff & bugs in discord #support.

This post was copied from a patreon update.


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