Effectively Submitting Tag Suggestions

Hey all, here is a friendly guide for getting tags accepted for characters based on some initial stuff that we noticed coming in. So lets take it from the top!

Honorable Mentions

Special shout out to Lightworker, Deltanine, Moonbunnii, littlefartloser for submitting so many tags already. We appreciate you!

Don’t add #

The tag only, don’t add # in front of it 🙂

Focus On Specific Attributes

Great tags focus on particular attributes, such as tags submitted by Deltanine – who went on a mission to only tag a very specific thing about a waifu such as Bare Midriff (stomach showing).

Other great tags include:

  1. blonde hair
  2. blue hair
  3. black hair
  4. red eyes
  5. blue eyes
  6. Multicolor Hair (for rainbow hair like Ragyo Kiryuin)

Or, other physical things:

  1. scar
  2. horns
  3. dark skin

Hair Style

Tag the hair style without the color. Consider these to be good choices:

  1. Short Hair
  2. Long Hair
  3. Drills
  4. Pony Tail
  5. Pig Tails
  6. Hime Cut
  7. Bald

Outfits with the least amount of words as possible

Outfits that are uncommon or part of that characters core appearance and their trademark “look” are fine. Consider these:

  1. maid: wears a maid uniform
  2. armor: wears body armor

Outfit Accessories

Outfit accessories that are core to the character are 100% OK! Keep it as general as possible. Consider these:

  1. bandana
  2. eyepatch
  3. headband
  4. glasses
  5. megane


Use the primary weapon name for submitting these if they are important to the characters. For instance, sword user, archer, and other tags can be applied to genshin impact characters as you see fit.

Creature Types \ Mythical Creatures

Totally fine! Some tags will be collapsed and merged later such as Kitsune and Fox Girl, Fox, etc. Vampires, Dullahan, Succubus, Undead would be great tags.

Casters & Such

For wizards, witches, and other things, feel free to tag as what they are. For some casters that qualify as special types of witches, please submit both.

An example would be Wiz from Konosuba – where both Witch and Necromancer are fine.


Occupations are fine, but keep it as general as possible. In other words, for Teacher, simply leave it as teacher and not high school teacher or some variation. These will likely be merged later.

Family Structure

Where they exist in the family structure are OK (such as younger sister, big brother, mom, or milf).

Personality Traits

For right now, please don’t submit traits that are outside of the standard archetypes. Tsundere, yandere, etc are fine but for right now validating things like “shy” or “peaceful”, “psychotic” are very difficult.

Generalized Descriptions

Please don’t submit sexy, cute, tall, short at this time.


Don’t submit anything that relates to age – we already have an age field on the site.


Please don’t submit hobbies at this time. Things like “artist” or “painter” are hard to verify.


  1. I know it says don’t submit age; however, can we submit “adult” or “mature”, like the tag on other sites? it can help anime and manga experts who want to differentiate between characters who are young vs adult… it goes beyond having an age parameter

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