There may be a bit of turmoil for pending submissions and accepted submissions while I’m working on the model to automatically accept & reject submissions. If you think a character should not have been rejected that reads WaifuChanAI in the description for the reason, please hit up the discord support channel to post about it.

If you find anything approved that looks strange like it should not have been approved, do the same.

Not all submission were processed, but they will be in the next week or so as things get ironed out. Your submitted descriptions will also be automatically rewritten.

Thanks all!

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  1. So, I don’t actually HAVE a discord cuz my device hates it. BUT a few of my sumissions changed from a detailed, nice description to something bland and… doesn’t even describe the character. DOes Waifu-Chan AI have anything to do with this?
    -4CIDIC (formerly MoonBunnii)

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