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Jump Into the Wizarding World of Waifus: A new MyWaifuList Original Visual Novel

Stand, fight, and save the world in a limited-time, unforgettable original experience! With multiple original characters and...

Read Popular J-Novel Club Light Novel Titles For Free Until April 30

I Couldn’t Go Outside, So I Just Stayed In and Read Light Novels All Day! In collaboration with J-Novel,...

Officially Announcing a MyWaifuList Original — Weebwartz: School of Waifus and Wizardry

Coming Very Soon to the MyWaifuList Platform! https://youtu.be/OQilpLLUNR0 Watch the full title announcement...

Something is Coming Soon from MyWaifulist

https://youtu.be/YHGFTR34HBY Something is Coming Soon from MyWaifuList. Watch the new teaser trailer on YouTube.

To Our Patrons: Thank You

Just yesterday, MyWaifuList had announced the need to temporarily disable one of our features due to current circumstances in an effort to...


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