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MyWaifuList Begins Accepting Dogelon $ELON

I Love Crypto I know what you're thinking: why would I send my hard earned shitcoins to some random...

Studios Now Available

Studio Information Now Available Good afternoon Weebs! For a long time we've had studio information showing...

HentaiHaven DMCAs MyWaifuList: No Nut November Special

MyWaifuList Is GUILTY! Apparently we're super, super guilty of some very, very bad practices! After receiving...

Email Service Temporarily Down

Vladimir Putin has declined to send his men definitely not gay tourists to bust the kneecaps ask whoever keeps signing up random...

Updated Card Layouts, Site Statistics

Hewwo everyone, The old layouts looked like dogshit so I updated the card layout to be slightly less dogshit.

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August 10th Website Update

Another new update has been pushed live to the MyWaifuList website. Patreon supporters can now connect their account directly to our website under the account settings section: get those perks almost...

Watch-lists are Now Available!

You can access our new Watch-list feature by visiting a series page such as The Rising of the Shield Hero and giving it the status plan to watch, watching, dropped, or completed. After that,...

Patreon Tier Changes

As of today, our Patreon tiers have been slightly reworked. The $1/month option has been removed in favor of a $2/month tier. All users who actively support us at...