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Top 10 Best Eye Patch Waifus

Among all the Waifus available, eye patches tend to speak volumes about who is wearing them. This can usually be split into...

Vote Manipulation Bans

You may be able to use a temporary email service but at some point we will find out. We always find out...

Top 10 Best Villain Waifus

We all can agree that anime heroes are only as good as their enemies - imagine Ash Ketchum without the Team Rocket...

Top 10 Yandere Waifus

You asked, we delivered. We ran a poll of the top Yandere Waifus, as voted on by the MyWaifuList community, and compiled... DMCA Against MyWaifuList

Can we seriously discuss the rampant DMCA abuse against MyWaifuList? Every other week some giant company comes out dropping DMCA's on random series of MyWaifuList on google.

COVID Beatdown

So last Friday I woke up feeling really good. My wife had caught COVID from her trip and was down, but it...


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Email Address Verification Now Required, Other Updates

Email Address Requirements Hello Weebs, To combat vote manipulation on our glorious Waifus and level the playing field, email verification is now required for the following activities:

Marleyan Unemployment Hits Record Highs

Amazon Vows To Hire Only Eldians Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reaffirmed in a press conference Wednesday, December 30th 2020, that Amazon would continue to hire only Eldians for their workforce as part...

Anime Vinyl Guide (Level 1)

Highest Quality Anime Music A record player & vinyls are a great way to add some 'umph' to your lifestyle and show off your dedication to anime music. We're going to cover...

Fall 2020 War Redo Due To Vote Manipulation

Dearest Weebs, We're going to hold an official war redo for our Fall 2020 War due to extensive vote manipulation from certain users who wished their Waifu to win.

New EX-ARM Trailer Released (With Comments Disabled)

EX-ARM has returned with another next-gen trailer The team behind EX-ARM has released another thrilling trailer of their amazing work. If you recall from our last post, EX-ARM...