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New mobile nav. Feels nicer. That's the update. If you want to contribute to making things feel nice,...

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Image Quality Update, Random Fixes

Smol update today fixed issue where some uploads would have quality loss (series, banners)fixed vote buttons on mobile for commentsadded new discord link to the dashboardfixed the bug report link in the dropdown. Apparently that was going nowhere.

50 Community Points For Submitting Currently Airing Characters, Smol Update

Hewwo, smol update here fixed issue with skeleton loaders on dashboardfixed issue where medium speed typers had characters disappear when searchingmobile menu now auto closes when navigatingcurrent votes now show on top waifu pages, even when logged out updated site-wide rankingscharacters accepted for currently airing series will now award 50 community points

Follow Us On TikTok

Follow us before big daddy B finishes his dial up connection, logs into his AOL 9.6, and downloads delete_tiktok.exe. Ignore the name, our social media intern fucked it up and we have to wait 30 days to change it.

AI Adjustments, Other Notes

Made a few adjustments to the AI, which helped clear out the queue significantly. We'll also be dropping the feature which updates descriptions, as user descriptions are better. Items processed today will use the OG description. Please leave a note in discord #support or email if you want a submitted description to be updated from a Waifu that was...