Developer, Creator of MyWaifuList

Ever since I was a young boy I wanted to make an impact on the world; do something that matters and connect with people everywhere.

Something went wrong, but I'm still having a good time.



Having been the very first MyWaifuList staff member, Nigel has been here almost since the beginning — from a point even before we had any traction at all. He now takes on a multitude of different tasks from marketing to management and everything in-between. Holding down the day-to-day so that the website can continue to grow.


Event Coordinator

Yo yo yo I’m Zygo. I’m a Headpat-aholic. Obsessed with soft and cute stuff. My speech is terrible, vocabulary not top notch and I love nekos. Despite all that, I’m actually a functioning part of society with experience in all aspects of life. I love to help others and bring communities together. Please bare with me and give me headpats.