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Your New Power Users

Good morning everyone, and happy Saturday! We've promoted several new power users to help moderate the website.

Tier List Maker (Alpha) Available

A tier list maker is now available in alpha format. This comes as part of the new auto-generating charts, images, and other...

Updates, Power User Applications Now Being Accepted

Hello everyone, We are now accepting applications again for power users. The primary goal of these new roles will...

ILLUSION Announces Permanent Closure

ILLUSION, creator of popular games such as Honey Select, Koikatsu, and AI Girl has announced that they will be ceasing all development...

Comeso GmbH Attacks MyWaifuList with Fraudulent DMCA Takedown Requests

Over the last few days, comeso GmbH has issued takedown notices for several urls on MyWaifuList as part of their weaponization of...

Kadokawa DMCA Abuse

July 17th, 2023 UpdateWe've made the decision to file a counter-notice and will continue to do so on every single url under...


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