User Lists Update (June 7th, 2020)

An update went out today that brings user lists to MyWaifuList. You can now declare your own lists on your profile and add Waifus to them via the Waifu page. To get started, head...

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Limited Time Achievement

Special Achievement! Want more achievements? This is your time to grab a limited edition, one time only achievement at MyWaifuList! With election day in the United States coming up fast, we'd like everyone to take some time to research and see how they can vote in their state, province, or country. You can do so by clicking...

MyWaifuList Achievements

Below are all the achievements you can unlock currently for MyWaifuList Wizarding World Of Waifus Achievements Weebwartz Student: Start PlayingStart Akane RouteStart Harumi RouteStart Nao RouteStart Touka RouteAkane Lover: Finish Akane RouteNao Lover: Finish Nao RouteTouka Lover: Finish Touka RouteHarumi Lover: Finish Harumi RouteAssman: Check out HarumiMaster Of Disguise: Fool the main villainNeko: Turn into a...

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MyWaifuList Fourth Anniversary, Taking a Look Back

MyWaifuList is now officially four years old. Another year has come and gone here at MyWaifuList, having just celebrated our fourth anniversary on June 25, 2020. The site is now better and more active than ever, so let's go over some of the things that happened this past year! July 2019 Update