Content Removal

Content Removal

MyWaifuList is 100% moderated by independent users with no affiliation to the underlying platform.

Waifus, Series, Manga, Games, Web Comics, Studio information, and other entities are added, maintained, and updated by independent power users and user contributed information (via “recommendation” engine) and user reports.

As MyWaifuList’s content is user submitted & user moderated, some content will inevitably be the work of others. We strive to respect copyright law and the rights of independent artists everywhere, so if you own the rights to an image you find on the site, you can contact us at,, or on twitter at @mywaifulist with details to have the relevant images removed.

We do not require a full DCMA request to process removal(s). A simple ping will be sufficient.

If you would simply like attribution, you can also make an account and suggest attribution to an image.

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