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MyWaifuList is the top online database for managing, sharing, and voting on the best characters from Anime, Manga, Video Games, and other media. With a dedicated community, series watch-lists, waifu wars, image galleries, and more than 20,000 characters, we are the #1 website for anime-related fun!

What is a Waifu/Husbando?

A fictional character which you have an affinity for.

What characters are allowed?

Please see our dedicated page on the topic:
Allowed Character and Series on

For more information you can also check out:
How to Submit a Character on

Are real people allowed?

The quick answer to this is no. But in certain case-by-case situations, we do make an exception for real people who either appear in an anime (Obama, etc.) or for larger internet personalities with a long-standing, consistent mascot character that they frequently use to represent themselves (Nyanners, AmaLee, etc).

What kind of pictures are allowed?

The default image for any character must be official artwork, and meant for general audiences. As far as the image gallery, while we are in the process of adding NSFW controls, we currently do not allow NSFW content. Please use the report feature should you come across any and it will be promptly removed.

Sharing content related to minors that is sexually suggestive or violent is strictly prohibited. Do not share or post links to images that depict minors or underage individuals engaged in violent, sexually suggestive, pornographic, shameful, or otherwise inappropriate situations. Doing so will likely result in your account being banned.

Some of my art is in the gallery, how can I get it removed?

To have your art removed, please email us with the illustration(s) in question, a link to the character on our website, and proof that the original artwork is owned by you.

How are Waifus scored for the love to trash ratio? The math is wrong!

We use the lower bound of a wilson score confidence interval for a bernoulli parameter. A bernoulli parameter is either “like” or “trash”. This is made into a probability distribution. From there, we use a confidence interval to guess where the final score will end up (with a degree of certainty – we use the 95% interval). When you shove this into a scary equation, it will tell us roughly a score by the proportion of likes out of all votes. We take the lower bound of this interval to give us some wiggle room since we may end up comparing very popular Waifus with over 3,000 votes to some with only 400 votes.

How do I donate?

The best way to donate is through our Patreon. You will also get some cool perks for supporting us!

Will there be a mobile app?

Yes. Our API is currently in development, after which direct work on a mobile-app will begin.