As of today, our Patreon tiers have been slightly reworked.

The $1/month option has been removed in favor of a $2/month tier. All users who actively support us at the old rate will continue to receive benefits for as long as they remain a Patreon. Donate at this tier for Patreon-exclusive posts and early access to upcoming MyWaifuList features.

API access has from this point on been moved into the $5/month tier. With this (as you might already be aware) you also get a custom Supporter message on the website dashboard and all previous rewards.

The $10/month tier now allows you to become a Character War Sponsor. Choose a theme + participants and watch the rest of our community vote in your name. A special banner will be displayed on the war page throughout the duration naming you the Sponsor and linking to your user profile! As always, these wars will still last a full week. You also get access to all rewards from the two previous donation levels.

All tiers still receive the Donor title/role on the website and Discord server. More changes could come as we continue to work on offering cool perks to our amazing donors!
Visit our Patreon page.

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