You can access our new Watch-list feature by visiting a series page such as The Rising of the Shield Hero and giving it the status plan to watch, watching, dropped, or completed. After that, just go to your profile page and it will be visible in the new watch-list tab.

Separately from this new feature, Patreon donors have been given a sexier badge on their profile and will also be able to change the default image of their True Love whenever they feel like it! The image of your choosing doesn’t have to be from their existing image gallery, but it must remain SFW and appropriate for general audiences.

We also have a new logo that you probably noticed in the top left corner of the website: much better than just text!

Once enough time has passed, we’ll start digging into the series with the best ratings and most watching, bringing those stats front-and-center to the website dashboard.

Thank you again for your continued support!
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