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2020 is right around the corner (hard to believe right?), and there are a lot of things we at MyWaifuList want to have lined up before that time comes. Notably, we are finally planning to tackle our massive backlog of community-submitted characters (currently sitting at just over 600, oof) as well as finally providing users guidelines as to what we will and won’t allow on the website.

Power User Applications

As some of you may or may not be aware, way back in June we announced a new role on our website: Power Users. This is a role meant for those who want to contribute to MyWaifuList outside of just submitting characters and reports. It is completely customizable on our end to allow members to approve characters, submit series, manage reports, or even all of the above.

Those that frequent our Discord server may have seen me vocal about this in the past, but our current Staff is small in number and not very regularly active. This being the case, we have finally decided to open up Power User applications to the general public!

If you fancy yourself as someone who wants to help out more with MyWaifuList, feel free to read the general requirements listed below and submit an application via our form.

General Requirements

  • You must be passionate about anime, characters, or fandom in general
  • You must be a member of our Discord server
  • You must be a registered user on MyWaifuList
  • You must be able to contribute, in some capacity, on a regular basis
  • You must be able to regularly communicate on Discord with Administration and Staff
  • You must be able to follow oral and written guidelines

Additional Preferences

  • You are already contributing to the site via character submissions or general reports
    • this is not a requirement but is considered a huge plus
  • You are already an active member of our Discord server or are already using our website
    • this is not a requirement but is considered a plus

If you think that, after reading the above, you would be a good fit or are interested in something like this, please fill out the short application, linked here. We are primarily looking for users interested in helping out with approving new characters, but are not limiting our search to just that. I will be contacting those I’m interested in speaking to further on Discord. Those that aren’t contacted within the first week or two are still being considered for future recruitment should the need arise.

Character Submission Guidelines

As the above work would be an impossible task without providing information to operate by, I am actively working on getting two sets of guidelines written: how to submit a character (this includes the informational requirements) and allowed characters and series. Both are publicly available to read under the resources tab, and should provide much-needed insight on what characters or series we plan to accept/deny, as well as what information is required on the submitter’s end in order to increase the chance of their character being approved quickly. These should be published by this Sunday, 11/24/19.

If you have questions regarding the above topics, or anything else, feel free to reach out to me in our public Discord server!

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