This weekly blog post will cover the character submission process, the guidelines that outline which characters and series we allow on MyWaifuList, and the upcoming character wars we have planned.

How to Submit a Character

We have finally put out a thorough written guide to help you submit complete, quality character entries that are more likely to be approved [faster] for MyWaifuList. There is a paragraph written for each section of the ‘add character’ page that should help you understand how we expect our characters to be formatted and what we are looking for from an information standpoint.

Most importantly is the Minimum Required Information section prominently located at the top of the post. The information mentioned here includes the character name, original name, a multi-sentence description, default display image, and submission notes for Staff. All of these sections are absolutely required for your submissions to be approved. It doesn’t make sense to accept half-complete entries on MyWaifuList if we are going to care at all about the quality of our website. We are giving a seven-day window of notice before heavily enforcing these new guidelines starting on 12/03/19. Lastly, while we won’t outright deny characters that don’t follow our preferred formatting perfectly, as detailed throughout the page, not doing so will likely impact our ability to approve a character quickly.

Allowed Characters and Series

In addition to the previous post, we have also finally put out a baseline explanation of what series and characters we will be allowing on MyWaifuList from here on out. The page is very much a work-in-progress and will be continually updated as time goes on in order to keep it accurate and comprehensive. If you have any questions regarding a specific character or series that might not be mentioned here, the best method of support is through our community Discord server.


The short version of this second post is that, in general, all officially licensed Japanese animation, video games, manga, and novels will be accepted. Japanese doujinshi are generally allowed for the manga and novel categories, but certain series may be subject to denial on a case-by-case basis. Hentai series are allowed, but all characters must be marked as NSFW during the submission process, and must still have a SFW default display image. All other officially-licensed Asian media (ec. Chinese and Korean) is also allowed, but unofficial (doujinshi) manga, webcomics, and light novels will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

When it comes to all Western media, as a standard rule, we aren’t going to be accepting the vast majority of these series at this time. This is specifically meant to include animated series aimed at children (ec. cartoons) as well as adult-content animation. Certain animation, video games, and comics will be accepted on a case-by-case basis, mostly only series that are confirmed to be Eastern or anime-inspired, but you should go in with the assumption that a Western series will be denied. The only hard exception to this is that we are allowing officially-licensed Western visual novels. All titles published by Sekai Project specifically will be approved. Because the amount of approved Western series is likely to be small, we will be compiling a complete list of these over time that can be found here.

Upcoming Character War Schedule

Senran Kagura War — November 28th through December 4th
Little Witch Academia War — December 13th through December 19th
Best Character of Fall 2019 — December 25th through January 3rd

Best Character of 2019 Candidate Announcement – January 5th
Best Character of 2019 VOTING — January 10th through January 24th
Best Character of 2019 RESULTS — January 31st

As always, if you have any questions regarding the above topics or anything else, feel free to reach out to our Discord server or via email.

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