Just yesterday, MyWaifuList had announced the need to temporarily disable one of our features due to current circumstances in an effort to lower our monthly expenses. While this was unfortunate, it was necessary at the time because our Patreon, the only non-out-of-pocket support for the website at the moment, hasn’t been enough to cover it. Between then and now, a couple Patrons came through big-time; Officially getting our Patreon to a break-even point based on current costs and allowing us to immediately bring back the image gallery viewing feature for everyone!

We wanted to take the time now to specifically thank all current donors individually and by name; Because if it wasn’t for the support of every single one of you, we probably wouldn’t have been able to operate for as long as we have.

The Biggest of Thank You’s For:

  • KaKoussNight
  • Carnage

These two really stepped up in the last 24 hours to push us past that breaking point; and are the primary reason we were able to re-enable full website functionality.

To All of Our Longtime Donors: Thank You

  • Zoltan Redbeard
  • Goku21
  • Jacqueline Warner-Smith
  • Wilko
  • Paul Schmidt
  • The Ultimate Lolicon
  • Matias Kerr
  • Tsumango Kotobuki
  • Just an obeserver13
  • Burnzie79
  • Bezout
  • Amber Sherr
  • Moises Lizama
  • Autus
  • AlexThurman

Your month-to-month help is the crucial backbone that prevents changes and uncertainty, regardless of donation amount; which is more helpful than you could possibly know.

And To Our Newer Patrons:

  • Azula Akemi
  • DitchDoctor
  • Ko Daniel
  • DeathNyx
  • Christopher Nichols

We sincerely appreciate your support, regardless of what made you decide to contribute. Just know that we are thankful for each and every one of our donors.

It’s hard to believe that MyWaifuList has been around for almost four years at this point. And while we haven’t had the features, the traffic, or the Patreon support the whole time, we work on the project because we enjoy it and it’s nice to know others feel the same.

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