New Patreon Milestone!

We’ve officially topped our Patreon Contribution milestone reaching a total of $118 USD. This means that for now, our AWS costs were covered in January. We’re not yet covering all the costs of operating this Thicc Waifu website but I’m sure once we get the attention of some popular influencer(s) we could see an even greater reach

Locating Our Supporters

If you come across a popular Youtube video, twitter post, instagram post, tiktok, etc that mentions us: please send it to us. We’d like to reach out and get to know people operating in our space.

Spreading The Site

We’d love if you could people know about the site so we can hit our goal of 2 million page views in a single month. If you help us get in front of someone popular, send us a screenshot in discord!


  1. Alright, I’m back now and became a Patreon again so I help out a bit.

    Probably need to get someone popular like Gigguk or The Anime Man to help advertise the site on their YouTube channel and ask for help.

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