Introducing Waifu Boosting

It’s tough to get everyone to appreciate your Waifu as much as you do, so we’re making it a little easier. Starting now, you can purchase a WaifuBoost which will boost your Waifu up by 600 Votes. With that kind of power, you can easily get your Waifu to the top pages site wide or seasonal!

To get started, simply head to the Waifu page while signed in and click the “Boost Waifu” button.

After adding in your parent’s credit card information and clicking Buy Now, you’ll be redirected to the same page and you’ll notice your Waifu has a whopping 600 extra votes!


In response to overwhelming support, we’ve added new options to buy 100 votes for 9.99, 200 votes for 19.99! and raised the votes for the top package to a whopping 700 votes! Users who have already purchased have had 100 votes added to their previous purchases!

New Year, New Horizons

With the ever growing popularity of Virtual Youtubers in 2021, we decided it was finally time to join the fray and create our own Virtual Youtuber, set to debut later this year: Rawr Rura.

Rawr Rura

Rawr Rura is a descendant of the Lost City of Weeblantis, and was Isekai’d to earth while saying “there’s no place like japan” and tapping her fins together three times (while wearing ruby fin coverings). In her spare time, she enjoys talking to giant sea monsters.

Sakura Hiko

Sakura Hiko was working for several Kami-sama’s while exploring the universe and, one fateful day while running with toast in her mouth, crashed into the executive of a local Yakuza branch in Osaka, Japan.

He was serious injured and from that day forward she vowed to become the #1 Yakuza Virtual Idol and pay off her debt. She would love if you stopped by her stream!

Sakura Hiko loves playing GTA5 and trying to adjust the camera to get upskirts of girls in various video games. She also has a very good Kansai accent, and promises to routinely threaten non-subscribers.


What good is a Virtual Idol without an amazing artist to back them up? We’ve commissioned the infamous Weiicart to give WaifuChan our all new idols her their brand new outfits and appearance! I don’t think they make lewds, but perhaps we can change that one day!

ps: make sure to tell them mywaifulist sent you!


  1. I very much like the idea of waifu boosting, but $50 is steep and my thoughts on the feature are that people should be able to pay different amounts for a set number of votes such as say like $10 for 125 votes or something (not the exact number but you get the idea.), so that people aren’t forced to spend $50 if they want to boost. Waifu boosting is a good idea though and I think it will help the site in the long run, but the price is too steep, even for fans of the site, but I could be wrong.

  2. The best justice for Monica Krushevsky would be for her to be upvoted past C.C. and get the weirdly obsessed Code Geass fans to actually think about plot and character consistency (and that Suzaku murdered his own friends–but if they weren’t major characters, why should they care about them? Because all of the main Code Geass characters are unlikable morons.) Oh well, at least C.C. can’t be even more overrated.

    • It’s an April Fools joke, fortunately. Although that doesn’t mean that heaps of bias aren’t present on this site. (Upvoting Monika Krushevsky, Dorothea Ernst, Marika Soresi, and Liliana Vergamon would help to balance that bias a fraction–hint, hint.)

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