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Starting today we’re launching affiliate links for Waifu Club, which is offering us an bigly, enormously generous percentage of sales. So much so that not only did I change out the links, but I’m posting it here. Let’s go over the benefit of having applied a Vinyl sticker to your car, water bottle, laptop, fridge, anything!

You’ll Meet New People

When I first went to university I didn’t know anyone. That changed when I witnessed one of my now greatest friends sporting a Saber iPad case. I was like “oh shit I love Fate!” he was like “yeah!”

We’ve been amazing friends ever since, and even went to Japan together. This is the kinda shit you can’t make up, some real OG friendship type shit.

Tension On The Road

Look, you’re driving along and see a Waifu sticker on someone’s car. There is only two things that can happen:

  1. pfft
  2. My Besto Friend
To those browsing Fresh so others don't have to... - 9GAG

And let’s be real: we know it’ll be the second one. Unless someone is sporting a Waifu from our Top Trash then most likely it will be amazing.

It’s Normal

Anime is mainstream now, it wasn’t like it was when I grew up. When I was growing up, liking inuyasha or obsessing over dragon ball z, staying up till 11:45pm to watch Ghost In The Shell on Animidnight or Starz! or getting up hella early to catch Armitage, Dual Matrix. It was a different time.

I was fortunate that during the summer months, I was able to stay up very late to watch whatever I wanted (thanks for thinking anime is just cartoons, mom!).

Go Buy Something!

Here they are, some pristine, sexy ads. Get these delicious Waifus today!


  1. Well, hopefully they’ll increase their selection. You make money off of whatever’s popular, but there are plenty of obscure cult favorite waifus some weebs desperately need to help get more attention. :’-( So I will wait patiently and will be very glad to more contribute then. 🤟

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