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With more growth comes more moderation needs so today we put together a small update to allow easier reporting of display pictures. The particular use of this is to report Unofficial Display Art.

There is also a new area where source attribution can be seen. This area is for our team to put the Artist name and a link to the artist profile (pixiv, twitter) if the artist allows us to use the work.

note: this is going to be exposed by the API as well in display_picture_artist, display_picture_source fields

Our guidelines specify that we use official art when submitting Waifus and Husbandos but with the site getting so large (35,000+), things slip through the cracks. We also accept most user uploads and do not have the bandwidth to check each and every Waifu to ensure that the image uploaded was an official work.

To help as things get bigger and better we’ve rolled out a new button to allow you to directly report a display image as being unofficial. The button will be located in the bottom left of the display image:

Artists, please see the section in our FAQ or just ping us @mywaifulist from your twitter account to get it removed quickly.

After accepting the confirmation dialogue it will deliver the report to our power users and staff so we can find a new picture and take out the old one! Once it’s been resolved, you’ll be awarded community points.

Want to help us even further? Find the original report button (bottom right of the Waifu panel) and in the suggestion area put a link to an official picture or let us know you have uploaded one.

Want Unofficial Artwork?

Ping the artist for permission and post it in discord or just tag @mywaifulist on twitter.

Community Leaderboard

The community leaderboard is now live and gives users an opportunity to show off their display picture and banner thumbnail and earn a spot on the home page. Here is a snapshot at the time of writing this blog post:

Who Cares?

While it’s easy to ignore these requests and simply walk away: they do deserve credit. We know that we’ve seen the “source support coming soon” for a long time on uploads, so this is just a starting point for something we’ve been wanting to tackle for a long time anyway. We also don’t want artists to feel powerless to do anything about it. It’s been in our FAQ for a few years that if an artist wants something removed it would be fast and easy and we’ll maintain that commitment.

We have commissioned our own art several times (all our original characters, icons) and want to maintain a working relationship so we can continue to add cool OC’s as we grow.

How can I help?

You can help by tagging art, reporting bad display pictures, asking for permission, or just helping moderate the site and responding to users who raise issues on other platforms about how we conduct ourselves or what kind of site we’re trying to build.

If you are an artist and see an opportunity for us to help you: just reach out to us on Discord. We are more than willing to add links to you, your store, your Fiverr, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Pixiv Fanbox, or anywhere that helps you make a living.

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