A tier list maker is now available in alpha format. This comes as part of the new auto-generating charts, images, and other stuff I am working on. The idea is to give users more social media stuff to post, as well as allow me to post more stuff on socials such as the weekly waifus.

And, I’m gonna level with you. I was watching GameGrumps Cereal Ranking and was like oh that’s neat. So I went to the site and my incognito tab literally was filled with ads. Autoplay ads, video ads, banner ads, sidebar ads, floating transparent ads. It made me fill with shock and horror, as if I had downloaded a 5kb completely legitimate MP3 from Limewire in the early 2000’s.

So I made my own.

You can find the tier list maker link on any series page – just look for the pink button (or, add /tierlist to the back of any series url)

Weekly Waifus are also auto-generating and emailing to myself, which is nice. Then, I can just post it to twitter. You may have noticed this post! If not, then what are you waiting for?

And, lastly, of course, you can support all this and more on Patreon.


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