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Updated Card Layouts, Site Statistics

Hewwo everyone, The old layouts looked like dogshit so I updated the card layout to be slightly less dogshit.

Direct List Link Available

Share a direct link to your amazing lists by selecting "Direct Link" from your profile screen.

Sauce Support Now Live

Hewwo, The "add attribution" button in the top left of images can now be used. These recommendations will go...

Unofficial Display Artwork, Source Attribution, Community Point Leaderboard Live

Hey All! With more growth comes more moderation needs so today we put together a small update to allow...

DMCA Requests And Other Removed Works

Hey all, Since the writing of the original article TopToonPlus has reached out and reached agreement that MyWaifuList's...

Gallery View Confirmation, NSFW Toggle, Better Patreon Widget

Ahoy Weebs! Today I rolled out a small change to the gallery for Waifus. When loading a Waifu gallery,...


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2020 Best Waifu War Has Begun

Goodbye 2020 With 2020 coming to a close, we're launching our 2020 Best Waifu War. The top 6 Waifus of each 2020 seasons have entered the ring and now...

Email Address Verification Now Required, Other Updates

Email Address Requirements Hello Weebs, To combat vote manipulation on our glorious Waifus and level the playing field, email verification is now required for the following activities:

Fall 2020 War Redo Due To Vote Manipulation

Dearest Weebs, We're going to hold an official war redo for our Fall 2020 War due to extensive vote manipulation from certain users who wished their Waifu to win.

New Series Page

New Sexy Series Page I don't know what came over me when I released the last dog shit series page update. I swear it looked ok until it landed on production, then...

MyWaifuList Now Accepting Crypto Donations!

MyWaifuList Now Accepting BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DAI, and USD Coin We're happy to announce that you can officially donate to MyWaifuList now with cryptocurrency! Crypto is all digital...